Martial Arts School Sayville

At Kioto Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we know that mastering a martial art comes with a multitude of health and personal benefits. Aside from the obvious aspect of learning self-defense techniques, the benefits expand to the physical, mental, and spiritual as well. After years of practicing high-end martial arts and contact sports, our martial arts school in Sayville can help with:

1. Mastering a self-defense system

We believe every man, woman, and kid should learn a self-defense system, especially one that can withstand the test of live combat. We teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on Long Island as the primary form of combat, relying on control, domination, and adaptability. Jiu-Jitsu will teach you how to effectively control your opponent, take the fight to the ground, and apply a submission of your choice to end the fight. It is an effective and tested system, which is why it is now a core part of MMA and recognized as one of the most complex and ever-evolving fighting systems.

2. Physical strengthening

Our Long Island MMA and fitness center will help you sculpt your body fast via intense training sessions. Not only will you lose weight consistently, but you will also strengthen your muscles, joints, bones, and tendons at the same time. We rely on high-intensity training sessions that force you to burn calories and build muscles simultaneously. This way, you will gain impressive strength and muscle tone without having to follow draconian diets, putting your health at risk.

3. Building stamina

Our BJJ in Long Island, NY, trains your entire body but, more importantly, it trains the muscle that matters the most – your heart. If you’ve never been in any Jiu-Jitsu class before, it will surprise you with how effectively it will boost your stamina and resilience. Undergoing regular sparring sessions will considerably boost your ability to withstand combat’s physical stress and increase your endurance and stamina dramatically.

4. A boost of confidence

Most people who seek places to train on Long Island do so out of a lack of self-confidence. They’re trying to get out of their comfort zones, challenge themselves, and regain their self-confidence and self-esteem. Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes are particularly effective at helping you achieve that due to the system’s nature. Learning the technique and sparring consistently will help you improve, which will increase your combat effectiveness. Being able to dominate larger, more powerful opponents through sheer skill will give you a lasting injection of confidence and self-esteem over time.

5. Teach you discipline

Our Karate classes in Long Island will also help you become more disciplined in your everyday life. You will need to make room in your schedule for training, and remaining consistent and loyal to your goals will help you build healthy and steady habits over time. Being disciplined, more confident, and positive will help you improve your personal life considerably as a result.

If you wish to learn about our martial arts school in Sayville, contact Master Francisco Mansor at (631) 589-0459 today! We offer a free BJJ class if you wish to train with us and learn about our ways.

Martial Arts School Sayville

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Martial Arts School Sayville

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